Monday, December 29, 2008

What Now!?

We're both voracious readers including all magazines and books on art quilts, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, and various crafting techniques. We're especially fond of Quilting ARts and Cloth Paper Scissors for the various techniques they include.

The reading has inspired us to try to set up easy to use and well laid out work spaces. Mine was the second bedroom until my fiance moved in and we've split the workspace in half -- imagine putting into storage and/or sorting through items to get rid of (will I ever really use that pile of 1" or shorter miscellaneous pieces of fabric and ribbon?).... It was painful to say the least but I've made it work somehow.

Sue has been using her dining room with a fabulous storage area in the 2nd bedroom. But the occupant of her house would like the spread contained so to speak... thus the basement studio is born! It's in the midst of being setup (those paying jobs get in the way of course). More on these later.... we're both trying to setup up some organized/innovative ways to keep it organized.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


This our launch of a site where we will celebrate our designs, share our opportunities, ask for suggestions, and generally share with all of you our creative process and art. We've learned that it's a slow process yet very fulfilling to create art -- both display and wearable. Please stop by often....

Artwork to us is something that touches our hearts and souls --- and hopefully yours too. While our creations are original, we do also work on specific designs for clients – with a twist of course!

We’ve delved into a multitude of mediums including wool, velvet, linen, silk, cotton, paper, and use just about anything to embellish --- charms, toys, yarn, thread, paint, ink, paper and more.No color is left behind – even if we have to create it ourselves in the medium we want! But we do have our personal favorites as you may see in our work.

Susan Marie’s primary focus is handbags – one of a kind handbags to be specific. Knitted, felted, fabric, embellished, vintage, large, small, special event or every day….. all describe what Sue makes. Sue also makes fabulous and heirloom quality christening quilts!

Shari Lynn’s passion comes through in her quilts and wall hangings. Vintage and luxury fabrics are incorporated throughout. While vintage designs and traditional patterns have been her focus, a more modern approach has become her newest passion! Let’s not forget the crocheted micro handbags that Shari is adding to her line.