Monday, February 11, 2013

Accordian Journal

Well, the exploration continues into journal styles.  I happened across this idea and sat down with the supplies I had in the house (yes used my stash).   It's about the size of a wallet, with small mailing envelopes as the pockets and the pages of the journal.  The base is an old cereal box cut to size, paper to cover it, envelopes, ribbon and a button.  But now that I'm looking at it again, what if I used fabric instead of paper to cover it?  FYI the "button" is actually a scrapbooking brad that matched and some ribbon that just wrapped around to close the entire thing. 

This journal is going on my next trip to collect all of my little souvenirs but it would work for just about anything, receipts, coupons, lists, anything.  Enjoy! 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thank you to the...

great group of ladies at the Wauconda Area Public Library who took our wreath making class last night.   Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; you are all a whole lot of fun.   All of the wreaths created with book pages are fantastic and will look wonderful in your homes.  See for yourself - here are two photos.

We are looking forward to coming back this summer to teach more classes.  Yes the journal class is definitely on our list.  See you soon and enjoy!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thursday's class

This past Thursday, I was at the Indian Trails Public Library, to teach my handmade journal class.  What an uUnbelievably cold and windy day.  The class wasn't going to be very large but this wonderful January-in-Chicago weather may have chased a few away.  We had a small but fun class.  A young lady joined her older sister, thinking she'd just hang out with us.  My immediate response was "she can make one too."  Her sister had assumed that she couldn't since it was a class for teens BUT all we had to do was help her with the sharp tools (awl and needle) and she could make her own journal.  An art book as she named it. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed her skull decorations with their googly eyes (thanks to Sarah Heimsoth at the library for finding those).  Very nicely done.  I hope you can see the detail in their photos below. 

Do you see the eyes? One of them has one red eye and one black eye!