Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time time time - who has time....

Well -- nothing to add to the blog lately! Time is my enemy -- isn't all of ours. Between real work planning meetings and planning my wedding next month is taking all of my time. Or so it seems, logging reply cards, dress fittings, accessories, bridesmaids gifts, thank you cards, rehearsal dinner arrangements, seating arrangements, finalizing flowers, finalizing menues, etc. I know it's normal bride stuff. You'd think it's easier for me as I plan meetings for 1500 -20,000 persons every day!'s not as cut and dried when it's your wedding is it?

In the midst of this I'm getting mini brainstorms for more things to make and really wanting to sit down and do some sewing or designing or finishing or or or. Well you all know the drill!

Really I'm not truly stressed out. It's more about finding the time to satisfy everyone's demands on my time!

Ciao for now....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well, the long and short of it is that while we've not exactly done any public relations on this blog - I'm always looking for something to post about! Life for those of us trying to fit time for art in with the myriad of regular life occurrences is complicated (okay yes major understatement). I recently found at the library a book from Rice Freeman-Zachary "Living the Creative LIfe: Ideas and inspirations from working artist" which I'm reading cover to cover. The insights and methodology they all share is inspiring and a little daunting. Of course there is time for all of the wonders of our art in our schedules, it's the percentage of time devoted to it that I struggle with.

I find that right now I'm stretched a bit thin (oh were that true) with my full-time job and it's demanding travel schedule (just returned from two weeks abroad in Australia and Thailand) and planning my wedding in late April. Yes too much to do but I can't stop thinking about the quilt I have in progress and my creativity journal keeps calling me -- so much that I'm going to have to start carrying it with me daily.

That seems to be a common topic among artists yet we crave this time in our schedules as is feeds our souls! I know it feeds mine significantly. More later... hopefully some time to work on stuff this week!....