Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pulling the covers over my....notebook

Last week I posted about making a notebook cover that I'd made from an experiment with fusible web and scrap fabric.  I love it and have received many compliments and several "how do I make that" comments.  So that led me to thinking -- "hey I should teach a class on this!"  I will and have added it to my offerings.

That got me thinking I have to make another one.  I have a standard composition notebook that needs some dressing up.

Not over-thinking it, I pulled scrap strips of fabric - all sorts including silks and ribbon.  You know it wouldn't be me if there wasn't a little French on it somewhere.

Fused together

Voila!  Finished. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trash-filled Craft day

I’ve been thinking that my standard paper notebook needed a cover.  It’s another way to show my creativity when introducing people to Twisted Fiber Studio.  And it needed to look pretty, cause I like pretty. 
Months ago, while experimenting, I had made this new fabric from scraps of some of my favorite fabrics that I just couldn’t part with.  It is 50% recycled (new thread, lining material and new muslin used for base of fabric).  I fused the fabric to the muslin and then quilted it to some bamboo/cotton batting, added in some buckram, finishing it with some Amy Butler fabric (LOVE IT). I can reuse this over and over as I fill up notebooks.  Knowing me, I will embellish the cover more and more as time goes on.    

Recycling craft materials is relatively new to me.  The people at Cloth Paper Scissors and Interweave Press encourage it and do it in their projects and magazines.  What a great way to give new life to typically discarded items.  

In fact, I have several cereal boxes awaiting a new fate (great source of lightweight cardboard). 

Happy Wednesday!  


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow, Life, and Generalities

Already it is time for the clocks to change this weekend.  And not soon enough in my mind after this winter! It's a sign of spring. Like all of us I am tired of dealing with the snow.  At least condo living means we don’t have to shovel.  That’s the up side of condo living.  

So what am I doing to look forward to spring?  Buying potting soil to re-pot indoor plants. And yes re-potting them.  

And trying some new ideas for classes…

These sweet sequined broaches are adorable and glam up any outfit!  I see them on my jean jacket soon.

Fabric painting wasn’t done!  I had to dress up the ones I had made for a class as my sample and add more stamps (using Claudine Hellmuth STUDIO stamps) to add in more graphic details.  I will be making more!  (Yes the flowers were made with celery as a stamp.)

Enjoy your Wednesday!