Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doodle art

Recently, doodling became a way of letting go. First I made a background.  Pick whatever colors I wanted, you say?  Okay.  I will and did.  But then it sat on my desk for two months.  I wasn't sure what I wanted it to look like or show or say or ...
You all know what I mean.
Last week lots of things went on at work that were so tragic and overwhelming I had to find a way besides journaling to release some tension, stress and grief.  I checked in on my favorite doodle master, Dawn Sokol Devries, via her website ( and her books for inspiration.  The results of that time are below.  Although not as skilled as Dawn, I really enjoyed it.  I struggle with the letting go.  Give me a blank page to draw on and it remains a blank page.  I can copy anything I see (to a certain degree) but original drawings sometimes are a struggle.  But I'm very pleased with these doodles so far.
Try it!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Simple String Backpack Tutorial

Recently I got on a kick of sewing little backpacks.  First one for me and then I thought of all of the people in my life and all of the fabric I have in my stash.  So....guess what I did...Yes, made five more.  They were mother's day gifts for my mother, sister, niece and best college friend.  I got to keep two for myself!  Yay!  The lovely brown and white floral below as well as a royal blue canvas backpack. 

What I did was adapt several tutorials and ended up with the following:

1.  Cut two 18" wide x 1.25 yards long.  Sew them right sides together; turn and press. 
2.  Fold the fabric in half with the outside fabric well on the outside; press along the fold. 
3.  Cut two fusible web squares (2" square). Insert them in between the two fabrics and place one on each side (internally) close to fold.  These will stabilize the grommets.  Iron in place.
4.  Fold the raw edges down 1/2" and press.  Fold that same edge down 1.5" and press.  This makes the pocket for the cords. 
5.  Stitch the pockets in place.  THEN match up the pockets and stitch the sides from bottom to just below the pockets. 
6.  Use your grommet maker or pliers to add a grommet to both corners of the drawstring bag. 
7.  Use rope, ribbon, drapery cording or whatever you want to make the drawstrings.  You'll need two (2) 3.5 yard pieces.  Thread one through one pocket and back through the other (u-shape) and then through the grommet on the side where the two ends are .  You can either tie it or stitch it.  Thread the 2nd cable through  the pockets in the OPPOSITE direction of the first one, then through the grommet on the side of the two ends.  Again either tie it or stitch it. 
8.  DONE!  It is now lined and washable and very easy to pack. 

a sweet little drawstring backpack...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunday is Journal Day!

At least for me and over 15 other people who have signed up for my journal making class at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library this Sunday (9 June) at 1:00pm.  We'll be making journals like...  this one or this one or something totally different! 

Check with the library to see if there are any empty slots!   We will also have a gallery setup to watch the class if you are so inclined.    Hope to see you there.