Monday, January 28, 2013

Life update

The holidays are done.  Been done. Immediately after the first of the year, I headed out on a 16 day business trip.  Home last weekend - tired but glad it went well.  Catching up at work and home kept me from blogging but not creating (see today's other blog entry).  

A trip, no matter what the reason, provides many opportunities for so much inspiration, introspection, and meditation.  On the plane, in your hotel room, on walks after work and more.  

I came home full of ideas for new art, new classes, and more.  Worth the time away in so many ways!

Scrumptious Journal Cover

Journals continue to keep my attention. I diverted to small pieces of art in the fall but journals called me back.  In fact, I have made 4 new covers in the past couple weeks. Actually, I made two while on a business trip this month; I'd love to have seen the hotel housekeeper's face when she sees the desk in my room covered in plastic and paints, art supplies, journal covers and more!   This one is made of a recycled hardcover book with a fabric spine, fur and flower decorations.   ALL BLACK!  I love it.  Very luxurious.  Yum.