Monday, September 30, 2013

Christmas Trees and Book Pages!

Hello all!  Huge thank yous to the people in Glendale Heights and the staff at the Glenside Public Library.  The How-to-Fest on Saturday was fantastic and I truly enjoyed meeting everyone.

A bit late but I want to also thank the attendees at the Handmade Journal Class at the Lisle Library last Tuesday.  I know I had a great time (hope you did too) and was completely inspired by your creativity.  The journals turned out great.  No photos --- at least I didn't take any but the library did so I'm hoping to see some posted on their site in the coming month.  I know I have to get better at remembering to take photos!

BUT the great news is that on 4 December I'll be back in Lisle teaching Book Page Christmas trees! Here is my little red and white version.  Enjoy!  Isn't it adorable?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time Grew Wings...

The summer has gone by so quickly.  I've been reminded how much life can change in a single blink of an eye.  In late May, I lost a dear friend and colleague to a scuba diving accident.  The blow to my soul cannot be described.  I've tried.  All the clich├ęs come to mind:  "She was doing what she loved"; "She went quickly"; etc.  She lived life fully and didn't dwell on the negative for long.  She inspired all she encountered. She'll be missed.

As life carried on around me, 7 weeks later I was laid off from my company after 24 years.  A huge blow but as I examined my feelings about it, not as big a blow as I thought it would be.  What does that mean for me now?  Well, I'm taking time to take a few deep breathes and meditate on my next steps.  I am certain that creating and teaching will be front and center in my world.  The path that will take is another thing though.  That is what I will be pondering in the next few weeks or months. 

As my friend would say, move through it, take a deep breath and be open to all options.  Deborah, I will! 

Stay tuned, as I will be sharing the journey, the creativity, and the stages of my next adventures.  

Twisted Fiber Studio is on Facebook!

It took long enough, didn't it?  This week Twisted Fiber Studio moved onto Facebook.  Check us out and like us at

I won't be neglecting the blog but will be posting regularly on the facebook page. 

Thanks and see you there.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Monarch Festival - Great time!

Thank you to all of the people that stopped by the TFS table today to learn more about our classes and pick up a few trinkets and journals.  We had a great time, heard some fantastic music and enjoyed being part of it.   

We talked to some great people, promoting our group classes and party activities.  Remember if you are holding a party for friends, a special occasion or a birthday party for the kids, we can organize an art activity for your event.  Do you need a location for the event?  We can help with that too.  Send an email to

The weather, while clouded over, was cooler with some gusting winds.  Thanks to my husband who helped me all day long at the booth!