Sunday, December 18, 2011

Extreme (or not so extreme) Coupon Binder Cover

For the Extreme Couponers in the world...the quintessential binder carrying case is now available! My niece joined the world of extreme couponing and is having a blast finding those deals. With an almost 5 yr old and a 20 months old, shopping can be a challenge for her when she juggles her purse, the kids and a clunky 3" binder in her arms. She wanted to go hands free and asked me to design this for her. We looked and looked but couldn't find a pattern. BUT if anyone is looking to have one made - stop here. We can make it for you (for a fee of course)! Of course she already has improvements!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holidays and creating

The holidays are here and creating is the game! I've been working on fulfilling orders for the holidays and just finished them all and posted them. Now I can focus on finishing shopping for family and friends and planning menus for various holiday parties and gatherings.

I've not had time to create any gifts (except one but cannot say what it is yet). But I have had time to do some baking, designing, planning and research. All work to share but it's not quite ready yet to share... but soon.

Back to the holidays and the fun surrounding them... Question is will we get our cards in the mail before the holiday?