Sunday, May 16, 2010

Challenge 1 (to ourselves)

Well, as I mentioned in a previous entry, Susan and I are looking to continue our creativity exercises via a challenge. It won't be monthly but we'll take turns building two identical kits to see how the other will use it. The rules are: 1. You have to use everything in the kit but not all (i.e. you can use smaller pieces of the items included). 2. everything type of technique is encouraged. 3. Have FUN!
So off we go! I have to deliver the kit to Susan. Amazingly, we live 1 mi from each other and I drive right by her house each morning and yet we don't see each other daily! I'll get it to her tomorrow! Promise.
This kit focuses on multiple items Paris related. (No surprise there.) One of the items I"m looking forward to playing with is the color photo copy of a pictorial french dictionary from the mid 1950's - it's incredible!
No time limit on us but we expect 4-6 weeks. We'll post our progress.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Class Projects

One of the classes we took was on "scrapbook quilting", laying paper and fabric, free motion quilting and using ink pens (Fabrico) that are fabulous!!

The second class was with Rebeckah Meier - making fabric out of paper and such! Such fun painting, stamping, glueing, fusing, embossing foam, etc.! I love my little project and how it turned out.

What we did when we were at the quilt show...

The needle case we made at the Make it University! So adorable. All fused.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Deja Vu!

Okay where did we go? Where have we been? While I could say I have no idea, it wouldn't be fair or true.

Last month, the International Quilt Show in Chicago (Rosemont) was in town...did we go, you ask? DID WE! We were there every day and took classes and had a blast! We learned how to make tissue paper into fabric, use ink pens on fabric to draw and outline (correctly), and use scrapbooking techniques on quilts and other mediums. Mostly we just had a blast! Did we fit any shopping in, you ask? Of course we did! The bank isn't broken but it is minus a few dollars.

The best part of the show...the inspiration. We couldn't stop talking about it for over a week. I can't stop thinking about techniques and new projects. I had to go on a business trip immediately after, with long hours, a few days afterwards, took my creativity journal and added and added and added ideas.

One of the main things Susan and I took away was to challenge ourselves by taking turns creating a "kit" items that we have to make into something. One of our instructors does this monthly with a 10" block that can be made up of anything as part of a challenge with a friend of hers. They both travel constantly teaching worldwide but in their hotel rooms, they take time in their schedules to complete one monthly.

So I'm making our first kit. It's about 75% complete. I should be finishing it right now but at the "mortgage paying" job, it's performance appraisal time and I have five more to write. So instead of doing any of that I'm finishing laundry and letting you all know what we've been up to. We'll post the challenges as well as the original kit contents.

Back soon -- I promise!

P.S. It was my first wedding anniversary 10 days ago! I love you honey!