Saturday, October 1, 2011

Getting back in the swing..

Absenteeism...describes me to a "T". I've been away from the creative process a bit. Instead I've been enjoying cleaning out closets, our storage unit, the car, and anything else I can find. It feels GREAT! But now I'm juiced to get back on track and back to the creative process and back to the fun and joy of it all.

I did some painting tonight and move a journal along so I can finish it soon. I have two of those chipboard shaped journals -- one star shaped and the other a flower! I painted the flower pages in autumnal colors. When dry, I'll start the embellishment soon. Tomorrow we're babysitting. Maybe I can get the kids to finger paint...My husband is frowning over that one. We'll see. Maybe we'll just bake instead. Now he's smiling!

Interesting though - when you start creating physically you realize that you never stop creating - ideas are filling my head - almost overwhelmingly so and I just keep adding ideas to my creativity notebook. (Best recommendation I ever got was to start a creativity journal!)

Of to jot some things down before I forget!