Sunday, August 9, 2009

I tried something that has been around the last year or so in the "fiber art" world - Ephemera post cards. So being the francophile that I am... I had to do one. I had found this upholstery fabric that is so quintessential French -- fashion and iconic locations all over. I added a layer of rose silk ala Eleanor Burns style as the frame.

Then I looked at some "vintage" post cards from Cavalli papers, selected one with the right color tone and style I wanted and added a fusible post card back (from that is also vintage in style......

Choosing embellishments is not easy! Too many to choose from... but I narrowed it down to so hand dyed silk ribbon, paper clips to hold the paper post card on, and charms that symbolize some of the ab fab culture of Paris -- perfume bottle, shows, and bejeweled handbag!

So I got to use the stamps I bought (see my post on 1 June) :) Loved them!!

The Finished Project! --- all of about 3 hours but could have done it faster IF I hadn't taken so much time picking the embellishments... but isn't that most of the fun!

Well -- it's been a long July and August is almost over. I've been doing a lot of designing and such for that t-shirt quilt I mentioned. Here's a sample of the plan... I'm showing the sample to the client Tuesday. We'll see if she likes it.

It's meant to be VERY colorful. She didn't want the typical memory quilt focusing on those t-shirts but didn't want to "throw them out" so we're going down this path to recycle them.
Fingers crossed. .... check my next entry because I couldn't wait to do this other small quilt that has been trapped in my head........