Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finally - Framed Art

Well I think I forgot to mention that I liked one piece of artwork that I made in August that I wanted to mat and frame it! Done! What do you think?
It's dyed white muslin with collage, including tea bags (used and dried), tissue paper, inks, paints, and more...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

You ask... where have I been...

I cannot believe that I haven't posted in a while. It doesn't mean I haven't been working/creating. I've been very busy in the "real world" AND have had several commissions to accomplish. Three more doll quilts and pillow covers. All gorgeous! and I did the worst thing...I didn't take PHOTOS!!!

I've asked my clients to do so and email them to me. I'll post soon!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Newest project!

What have I been working on? Well I finally finished the t-shirt quilt. I will deliver it to the client tomorrow. You'll see in the photos that it's not a traditional t-shirt quilt but rather fussy cut with lolts of girly and bright colors (yes it's for a woman). The reverse side is much more subdued of linen, french provincial and dupioni silk fabrics.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where have I been?

If you ask me where I've been ...I'd say I don't have a good answer. Took a short vacation with my husband to San Antonio, Texas and hired a new employee at work (finally!). Of course I'm creating. Using my new journal, while finishing a quilt (the one made of the sorority t-shirts). I'll post pictures soon.

The weather has changed here in the midwest and it's definitely autumn here. Gorgeous sunsets with red and purple skies and a chill in the air. The nesting instinct is running high and I've been baking, cooking and cleaning!

I'll be back soon...

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Painted Canvas with a metal image!

Paper Cloth using tea bags!

My first Journal! Thanks to Dawn Devries Sokol!
Art Journal - Paper Cloth based!
Thanks to Kelli Perkins!

It's been a long while...

since i posted. I truly thought I'd posted more recently than early August! Busy 6 weeks since then. A business trip to Bangkok, Thailand for 9 days, 5 days (six classes) at the CREATE Retreat sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine (AWESOME - more later), the US Labor Day holiday, family functions, WORK, and an opportunity to be in the audience at the Oprah Show last week! Whew! I've loved it (most of it).

In the midst of it all, I've made several things including two baby gifts. Two family members are having baby girls so I made a receiving blanket using Amy Butler fabrics with a flannel back and a crocheted a lace trim to a fleece blanket for each other the girls. I can't wait to meet both girls!

At CREATE, the classes were phenomenal! We learned so much. Susan and I took 3 classes separately and 3 classes together! What a blast. I guess I truly learned to make paper fabric in three different ways.

I also discovered that I'm moving in a different direction -- or picked up a new hobby. In the class taught by Dawn Devries Sokol "Passport to Journaling", we made journals from an existing book with watercolor paper which she uses to document her travels to various cities and such. Sound simples but Dawn's ideas and talent are so inspiring. We are all creative in our own way and we have to remember that! Dawn showed various techniques on art journaling (and tools) and how to doodle. Now remember doodling is unique to each one and there is no wrong way (as Dawn says). I've already made another journal for future use!

One long term idea is to make a journal documenting my travels throughout the world - over 40 cities and counting. I've found the book to use -- I think. But the collecting of things to go into it has begun! I have stuff in my desk at work, at home, in storage.

Lest you think I'm moving away from fabric, don't despair. Remember that "t-shirt" quilt that I have been working on for a client? Well the quilting has begun. In fact I only have to bind it and add a couple details and it's done. I finished the "back" with a simple sand colored linen center with a French blue "provence" fabric border and a final border of blue dupioni silk. I wanted to have a "sophisticated side" that makes it fully reversible.

Susan is working on all kinds of new techniques including trying out encaustic techniques. They look so cool!

I think that's it for now... Photos are next!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I mentioned in another posting about the new books I received. They are fabulous! I keep taking them to work in my briefcase to read over lunch. The one on zentangles is so much fun. The ideas are endless. I picture doing them in my journal and even on fabric then thread painting. Imagine!!!

Challenge 1 - I owe you photos. I finished mine but I know Susan has not had the time - too much to share!


It's almost time for the Cloth Paper Scissors CREATE retreat in the Chicagoland area. Of course Susan and I signed up immediately ... in May! I've got a long business trip to Thailand immediately prior so if you are at the retreat and see me snoozing during my classes - just nudge me.

We've signed up for classes in every time slot! I've been assembling my tools and supplies required by each class so that when I get back from my trip the day before, I can be ready to go.

What have I been working on, you wonder? A couple things including the whimsical t-shirt quilt. It's ready to be quilted. Just...need...time. A couple more commisions have come in for small doll quilts. I'll get those finished in September as they are for Christmas.

Not much else unfortunately -- I've got a bad sinus infection (day 8 now) and just getting up in the morning and going to work has been too much. Off to bed to continue the recuperation....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The birthday celebrations continued through the weekend. Such fun! Sushi dinner on Friday, Saturday was an outdoor concert with picnic featuring Sting on a beautiful summer weekend. We feared the heat but we were fortunate to have a lovely breeze and a gorgeous shade tree over us the entire evening. Sunday topped off the weekend with a new smart phone - the new Samsung Galaxy - with so many tools to allow me to do more online and remotely. I spent last night just figuring out its features.

In between work hours (lunch time) and evenings, I've been reading several incredible books that I mentioned in my prior entry. Stitch Alchemy from Kelli Perkins is amazing and so inspiring to jump up and try them all! I think I reread the pages using alcohol inks three times with mymind running ragged with ideas and uses and ideas and and ... overload achieved. So instead of rambling on, I'm signing off and going to try my hand on a couple of the ideas.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I don't have much to post today other than "It's my birthday" and it's been a fabulous day! I'm very lucky to have the family and friends that I do and of course my husband! I love you all!

Now about a little working on my various projects - I've done quite a bit but of course haven't posted pictures. Yet. I promise this weekend.

I've received (ordered) several related books that I can't wait to get to reading, including:

Mixed Media from Debbie Crane and Cheryl Prater
Stitch ALchemy from Kelli Perkins
Collage Journeys from Jane Davies
Zentangle Basics by Suzanne McNeill

Okay have to go read..... well not tonight... my birthday isn't over yet. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another idea...

I'm constantly looking at new methods for my art and collage is the newest thing on my radar. Mixed media as it's called, mixing fabric, paper, metal, glue, thread, paint, stamping and oh so more. Challenge 1 incorporated a lot of this technique but I've got a long way to go with it.

Stay tuned.

Challenge 1 - Update, status, whatever you want to call it

So I'm on vacation for a couple weeks. It's amazing how fast the time flies (week 2 is almost over). But I have worked on challenge 1. I'm not sure how far Susan has gotten but I'll let her chime in on that one. Okay for the initial photos in the process.

It will be a wallhanging and yes Paris is the theme again! So many projects to work on...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Have to add that I'm noticing that my "art" is exploring new edges. I tend to like formulaic items and symmetry in my own art but admire "pushing the boundaries" in others. I'm looking at the mixed media techniques as my opportunity to think outside the box. Some outcomes will be "less than desirable" but no less a success than the inspired pieces.

New adventures await...

In August, the CREATE Retreat by Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine will take place in the Chicagoland area. Check out the website and click on CREATE Retreat. Yes we're already registered.

Challenge 1 - Status

Progress is...slow. Both Sue and I were distracted by our day jobs and other life occurances and slowed us down. This weekend (4th of July holiday in the USA) is our deadline. I've taken two weeks off the "day job" to regroup, rest, tinker, sleep, cook (made biscuits from scratch this morning -- hadn't done that before), journal, sew, gather things for good will, clean our storage unit, create, garden, and general catch up with my friends. Not in that order, of course.

Lunch has been scheduled with several of them and my massage today was an excellent start to it all. (Pedicure is later this week).

I'll write more later....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Challenge 1 (to ourselves)

Well, as I mentioned in a previous entry, Susan and I are looking to continue our creativity exercises via a challenge. It won't be monthly but we'll take turns building two identical kits to see how the other will use it. The rules are: 1. You have to use everything in the kit but not all (i.e. you can use smaller pieces of the items included). 2. everything type of technique is encouraged. 3. Have FUN!
So off we go! I have to deliver the kit to Susan. Amazingly, we live 1 mi from each other and I drive right by her house each morning and yet we don't see each other daily! I'll get it to her tomorrow! Promise.
This kit focuses on multiple items Paris related. (No surprise there.) One of the items I"m looking forward to playing with is the color photo copy of a pictorial french dictionary from the mid 1950's - it's incredible!
No time limit on us but we expect 4-6 weeks. We'll post our progress.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Class Projects

One of the classes we took was on "scrapbook quilting", laying paper and fabric, free motion quilting and using ink pens (Fabrico) that are fabulous!!

The second class was with Rebeckah Meier - making fabric out of paper and such! Such fun painting, stamping, glueing, fusing, embossing foam, etc.! I love my little project and how it turned out.

What we did when we were at the quilt show...

The needle case we made at the Make it University! So adorable. All fused.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Deja Vu!

Okay where did we go? Where have we been? While I could say I have no idea, it wouldn't be fair or true.

Last month, the International Quilt Show in Chicago (Rosemont) was in town...did we go, you ask? DID WE! We were there every day and took classes and had a blast! We learned how to make tissue paper into fabric, use ink pens on fabric to draw and outline (correctly), and use scrapbooking techniques on quilts and other mediums. Mostly we just had a blast! Did we fit any shopping in, you ask? Of course we did! The bank isn't broken but it is minus a few dollars.

The best part of the show...the inspiration. We couldn't stop talking about it for over a week. I can't stop thinking about techniques and new projects. I had to go on a business trip immediately after, with long hours, a few days afterwards, took my creativity journal and added and added and added ideas.

One of the main things Susan and I took away was to challenge ourselves by taking turns creating a "kit" items that we have to make into something. One of our instructors does this monthly with a 10" block that can be made up of anything as part of a challenge with a friend of hers. They both travel constantly teaching worldwide but in their hotel rooms, they take time in their schedules to complete one monthly.

So I'm making our first kit. It's about 75% complete. I should be finishing it right now but at the "mortgage paying" job, it's performance appraisal time and I have five more to write. So instead of doing any of that I'm finishing laundry and letting you all know what we've been up to. We'll post the challenges as well as the original kit contents.

Back soon -- I promise!

P.S. It was my first wedding anniversary 10 days ago! I love you honey!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where have I been and what have I been up to?

After delivering Jolie en Violette, the client let me know that the gift was well received and liked! They've found a perfect spot to hang it already. Yeah!

In the meantime, I've not been able to spend much time working but have spent time creating and figuring what I want to create next. Stay tuned... I haven't decided -- there are too many to choose from.

Oh and I have a little business trip all next week out of town (for the mortgage paying job) -- that may slow me down a bit or not! Time will tell.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jolie en violette

Delivery was on Monday to the client. She did love it! She said it was exactly what she hoped it would be. Ah another satisfied customer. We talked about another possible quilt for her niece and so we'll see! Yeah!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses - Finished!!

It's done and I like it so much more than the first one I did! The colors the client picked out are spectacular. The embellishments almost decided which ones went where. Too fun!

I deliver it to the client on Monday. I truly hope she likes it. I'm sure she will.

I present "Jolie en violette"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses!

Yes it's been over a month since the last post! The mortgage paying job took me out of town for over 18 days then just regrouping. It feels good to get back to my soul fulfilling fun! I kept up my creative journal while traveling and of course had to buy a few things for embellishments on the current project. had a fabulous sale and I got a little carried away but what fun to have those wonderful packages awaiting my return (it was pretty awesome to come home to my husband too)!

So I got things somewhat under control at the office and took three days off this week to get this next commision completed. Another dresses quilt - 9 dresses (panels) with three borders. Accessoring the dresses is the part I cannot wait to start. I had to go shoe, jewelry and purse shopping for each outfit. Those packages will be arriving in the next few days - thank goodness for EBAY!

The quilt came to life today. The nine dresses look great and the colors (fuschia and sage) look great but I added the last border today (after a trip to Vogue Fabrics) of fuschia dupioni silk. Rich colors and the perfect addition to the surround the "closet" of dresses.

Judge for yourself! I'll publish more photos as I get it completed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 is here and I think I blinked 2009 away! The holidays bring lots of extra busy this year as my new husband and I blend our holiday plans and obligations, making it extraordinarily crazy and booked. We covered two states driving through rain, snow and ice. Ah the midwest, wouldn't you love to live here?

I have managed to get three scarves finished (photos posted tomorrow) and one more doll wallhanging almost finished and will be done by Monday for delivery. Photos coming on that one too. I promise.

2009 was a wonderful, blessed year with the culmination in our wedding in April and joining two families. Twisted Fiber Studios has become so much more integral to our daily lives. I know Sue and I work on some aspect of it every day and for that we are very grateful. It brings us joy and satisfaction. For those of you that are following us, thank you and a joyous 2010 is our wish for you.