Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Items and Craft Fair

Yesterday was a fantastic day! We were part of a small craft fair (same one as last year). Sue couldn't join me as she had to work at the "real" job but I represented both of us. I admit I did call her around 5 times to check in and verify prices and custom work and such. We were in a new location and traffic wasn't as good but we had a lot of interest ultimately. Several people asked about making custom items for them and that always exites us!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by and/or bought things or expressed interest in custom items. We appreciate the compliments and interest!

Among the things we have available are beautiful recycled clutches, handmade travel journals, art quilt wallhangings and more! (See photos below or in the gallery.)

A couple photos of the items we had at the fair yesterday are here:

"recycled clutch"

Travel Journal

All our best!

Shari and Sue

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Journals and more Journals!

I just spent the evening getting ready for a craft fair that I'm joining on Friday. It's a small one at the office building where I work. We participated in the same one about 18 mo ago and had a great time and great feedback. Sue can't join me as the "real" job demands her time all day Friday. BUT some of her items will be joining me including her keychains and several handbags - the new "recycled" ones. I haven't seen them yet but plan to take photos. Yes I'll post them. I'm excited. Other than my husband, Sue is the only one to have seen my journals. Of course she's a bit supporter and I'm really proud of how they turned out.

Stay tuned...I'll update with photos of items and the show.