Monday, January 2, 2012

New Toys

One of my new toys received from my niece and nephew for Christmas is the Polaroid Pogo instant camera. I know...not a "serious" photo printer but I have to say... such fun!

A few hard bumps getting it working but simple internet research helped me load the free android software for my Samsung Galaxy phone and it worked! Bump 1 done. Oh but here comes bump 2... went to use it the next day, it wouldn't work! No matter what. Failure it said. Frustrating I said. Tonight I was determined to get it to work. More research and no new answers. So I took the computer support tech route -- power on/off first - no luck. Second pull the battery - nope. Third - delete the printer from my bluetooth devices and reconnect them -- wait for it...SUCCESS!

I'm printing things for my collages, journals and I don't know what else. Hee Hee!

So I'm going through my initial pack of film pretty quick. Have to run and order more...