Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 is here and I think I blinked 2009 away! The holidays bring lots of extra busy this year as my new husband and I blend our holiday plans and obligations, making it extraordinarily crazy and booked. We covered two states driving through rain, snow and ice. Ah the midwest, wouldn't you love to live here?

I have managed to get three scarves finished (photos posted tomorrow) and one more doll wallhanging almost finished and will be done by Monday for delivery. Photos coming on that one too. I promise.

2009 was a wonderful, blessed year with the culmination in our wedding in April and joining two families. Twisted Fiber Studios has become so much more integral to our daily lives. I know Sue and I work on some aspect of it every day and for that we are very grateful. It brings us joy and satisfaction. For those of you that are following us, thank you and a joyous 2010 is our wish for you.