Sunday, September 19, 2010


Painted Canvas with a metal image!

Paper Cloth using tea bags!

My first Journal! Thanks to Dawn Devries Sokol!
Art Journal - Paper Cloth based!
Thanks to Kelli Perkins!

It's been a long while...

since i posted. I truly thought I'd posted more recently than early August! Busy 6 weeks since then. A business trip to Bangkok, Thailand for 9 days, 5 days (six classes) at the CREATE Retreat sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine (AWESOME - more later), the US Labor Day holiday, family functions, WORK, and an opportunity to be in the audience at the Oprah Show last week! Whew! I've loved it (most of it).

In the midst of it all, I've made several things including two baby gifts. Two family members are having baby girls so I made a receiving blanket using Amy Butler fabrics with a flannel back and a crocheted a lace trim to a fleece blanket for each other the girls. I can't wait to meet both girls!

At CREATE, the classes were phenomenal! We learned so much. Susan and I took 3 classes separately and 3 classes together! What a blast. I guess I truly learned to make paper fabric in three different ways.

I also discovered that I'm moving in a different direction -- or picked up a new hobby. In the class taught by Dawn Devries Sokol "Passport to Journaling", we made journals from an existing book with watercolor paper which she uses to document her travels to various cities and such. Sound simples but Dawn's ideas and talent are so inspiring. We are all creative in our own way and we have to remember that! Dawn showed various techniques on art journaling (and tools) and how to doodle. Now remember doodling is unique to each one and there is no wrong way (as Dawn says). I've already made another journal for future use!

One long term idea is to make a journal documenting my travels throughout the world - over 40 cities and counting. I've found the book to use -- I think. But the collecting of things to go into it has begun! I have stuff in my desk at work, at home, in storage.

Lest you think I'm moving away from fabric, don't despair. Remember that "t-shirt" quilt that I have been working on for a client? Well the quilting has begun. In fact I only have to bind it and add a couple details and it's done. I finished the "back" with a simple sand colored linen center with a French blue "provence" fabric border and a final border of blue dupioni silk. I wanted to have a "sophisticated side" that makes it fully reversible.

Susan is working on all kinds of new techniques including trying out encaustic techniques. They look so cool!

I think that's it for now... Photos are next!