Saturday, October 31, 2009


Pillows two, three and four - Two without backs yet. All are luxury materials (linen, silk/wool blend, dupioni silk and satin). The pillows are 16" squares. I've got one more in this series to make but it will resemble the one immediately above with the buttons. I've really enjoyed these and made the four in one weekend (with lots of other errands). I'm very excited about this of course... My husband left for the weekend on business (boo hoo) but that just gives me LOTS of time to play with the fabrics and create more items for the fair next month. Hmmm...crocheting is on the list too. Stay tuned...

And here they are...PILLOWS!

Pillow 1 is all cream colored linen with striped silk borders, with the same silk as the back fabric of the pilow. The center pinwheel is a "liberated" pinwheel of batik and linen fabrics.

It needs a good pressing yet... I'm getting to it....My least favorite thing to do!

Monday, October 19, 2009

On to the next thing...

While trying to finish that quilt, I've heard about my company's throwing a craft fair - I remember it being upscale and nice things from last year. So we're going for it and have signed up for a table. Now we're brainstorming on what to make -- purses, pillows, keychains, wallhangings, etc.

I was designing most of yesterday and last night had some great breakthroughs. I'll post photos then get with my cohort to do the same of what she's working on!

T-Shirt Quilt IV

I have the third block done! so now I have three approximately 11' square each block that I will assemble into a throw. I have a fourth square to make to round out the grouping for the throw. I'm using extra pieces that I was given that aren't the same appliqued t-shirts but are from the same sorority to make the fourth block. I'm having trouble deciding which fabrics to do the borders in.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

T-shirt quilt Part III

Block two is done. Block 3 is 25% done. The colors and mix of prints provides plenty for the eye to focus on. The final layout is taking form in my head and I can't wait for it be translated into the final product. I'll post photos of block two and three in a few days.