Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where have I been, you ask?

Or maybe you don't? It's the middle of March and spring starts officially next week. It's almost 70 degrees today here -- and going into the high 70's tomorrow! It's March! It could still snow yet in this part of the US. But we're enjoying having the windows open and the fresh breezes.

To get back to what I've been doing..... Well experimenting with my POGO photo printer on a recent vacation to Sedona (just how red are those rocks?!). See below...

So that's being included in my art journaling and my regular journal! I have minor frustrations using it ... as I've forgotten how to do so each time and have to relearn it. Fortunately it is easy!

In addition I've been on the road for the day job 4 weeks of the last 9 and one week of vacation with the hubbie! Loved that time together but am glad to be home until the middle of April when I'm off again for three week on business! Can you say glamorous?

Rest assured creating is going on and on and on...