Monday, August 9, 2010


I mentioned in another posting about the new books I received. They are fabulous! I keep taking them to work in my briefcase to read over lunch. The one on zentangles is so much fun. The ideas are endless. I picture doing them in my journal and even on fabric then thread painting. Imagine!!!

Challenge 1 - I owe you photos. I finished mine but I know Susan has not had the time - too much to share!


It's almost time for the Cloth Paper Scissors CREATE retreat in the Chicagoland area. Of course Susan and I signed up immediately ... in May! I've got a long business trip to Thailand immediately prior so if you are at the retreat and see me snoozing during my classes - just nudge me.

We've signed up for classes in every time slot! I've been assembling my tools and supplies required by each class so that when I get back from my trip the day before, I can be ready to go.

What have I been working on, you wonder? A couple things including the whimsical t-shirt quilt. It's ready to be quilted. Just...need...time. A couple more commisions have come in for small doll quilts. I'll get those finished in September as they are for Christmas.

Not much else unfortunately -- I've got a bad sinus infection (day 8 now) and just getting up in the morning and going to work has been too much. Off to bed to continue the recuperation....