Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Create! Part 3

On Wednesday Sue took a class  taught by Cathy Taylor on using Citrassolv cleaner to alter magazine pages into graphic designs that can be further altered to show any image you want.  I didn't get any photos...yet...but believe me they are amazing.  The hotel smelled like citrus cleaner all day and most of the evening though!

Yesterday we both took metal journal classes -- mine with Sherrie Drummond on using license plates to make journals (see photos below - love them) and Sue took a class with Thomas Ashman  - again no photos but so unbelieveable -- check out the metal strapped book in his gallery.  He taught them how to make these books, although Sue is planning a handbag out of it rather than a journal or book. 

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and made new friends and spent time with old friends too.  Next year's dates are already on the calendar 21-26 August 2013. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sue Pelletier Rocks ...at Create!

Retreat -- other fun and craziness. 

Wednesday I took The Painted Quilt with Sue Pelletier where the creativy is freewheeling and awesome.  The women in this class were phenomenal, creative, innovative, and so much fun!  But Sue is the star of it all. While I'm not the most creative person by some definitions, I'm proud of the art I make and the joy it brings me.  The process keeps me sane and my soul full!  Being covered in paint and glue is the best.  This class was to include elements and things that symbolize me...All of the symbols are very identifiable as me from home to a fleur de lis to girlie clothes to hearts of love, all saying JOY....  Here is how my process evolved.

Thanks Sue for steering us!  (Oh and Seth rocked with the Berninas too.)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Create Retreat!

Another retreat for us...and Sue and I had a blast.  We learned several new techniques and even more ideas for current ones. 

On Wednesday evening, we took a "Fuji Emulsion" class with Tiffany Teske we used a DayLab to make instant photo prints from our own photos and images.  While many of us grew up with at least one Polaroid instant photo camera (the peal apart photo or the "shake" it variety), we never knew the science behind them or how to remove/scrap the image from the paper, using the resulting emulsion or skin as another textural option.  Until now.  Tiffany showed us this technique and how to take these emulsions and put them on paper, fabric, metal, even a shell. 

Love it!  Now we have a new tool in our arsenal....but where to use them?

I'll get more posted in the coming days! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Create Retreat is almost here!

Two weeks and counting until my first class at the Create Retreat in Chicago! 


I've signed up for three classes and may find a 4th one yet!  I am so excited.  I'm taking classes with Sue Pelletier, Tiffany Teske, and Sherrie Drummond.  Now off to check my supplies and evaluate what I need to pick up for class...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A different kind of painting

Well I'd love to say I've been quite creative but...this is the kind of painting I've been doing.

Painting shelves in our linen closet in preparation for the new closet doors that are being installed this week. 

I suppose I could have done some fun color but my husband isn't too keen on that one! 

I'm working on the more "fun" side -- promise! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Things you find while traveling

As I'm going through my photos from recent trips for work, I came across this one that I meant to post weeks ago.  I have to use it in my journal collage somewhere.  

"One must always be serious about hygiene."   I just love the graphics (Thailand). 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Travel Down Under -- Work not play

This is where I was last week...In my top three cities world wide!

And this is one of my favorite foods -- Moreton Bay Bugs -- a crustacean!  So fantastic!  Had them three times in 5 days!