Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Page Wreath

A great friend of mine wondered if I had ever made a wreath. Not since I was in grade school...She had seen on line the various versions of a wreath made from book pages, almost blasphemous since she is a librarian but adorable nontheless. 

Sue and I started investigating lots of various ones to make before we try our hand at teaching others how to make them. 

Sue made three this weekend -- magazine pages and coffee filters the primary goods -- I'm going to get photos...somehow.  I tried my hand at making a wreath with book pages (librarians close your eyes).  It went pretty well and turned out very nice, if I say so myself!   What do you think?

Hanging in our foyer (no lights on)

Hanging in our foyer (lights on)

Step One

Steps Two and Three

Final step -- add a hanger