Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is in the Air! A New Wreath and Class

My newest book page wreath uses several different books including dictionaries, fiction novels, and children's books. I started making rolled flowers and folded/cut flowers.  No rhyme no reason.  Just making flowers that were pretty. 

The rolled flowers are easy to make and require little effort. When making them out of paper, you do need to have a glue gun or glue dots available to hold the centers in place but otherwise they are simple rolled spiral cut circles. For a great tutorial, check out Joanne B at Splitcoast Stamping/. 

The "crumpled" flower are even easier.  Use square pieces of paper -- any size -- I was using 4" squares for the bigger "petals".  Fold one in half, then half again to make a square.  Then fold the folded edge towards the two folded sides forming a triangle.  Remember when we made paper snowflakes as kids?  Same folding.  Then cut a little heart shape from the folded side to the two folded sides.  Unfold the "flower". 

You will make 4 petals like this for each flower.  Stack them and push a scrap-booking brad through all layers and secure.  You now have a flat 4-layer flower.  Starting with the top layer, crumple it around the brad, then do the same to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th layers around all of the layers before it.  Simply loosen the crumpled petals from around the brad and Voila! a flower.  Attach it to your wreath with hot glue.

Using pages from children's books, really adds color and texture.  Any paper will work - explore your collection.  Go on and do it.  

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